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At Always Bev, our mission is to educate, empower and provide skills to prevent violence and sexual assault. We emphasize the importance of awareness in everyday situations as well as the significance in trusting your intuition.

"As you move about your daily routine never let your guard down. The trickiest predators are the ones that walk among us, looking for any opportunities to find their way into our inner circles." —Barb Jordan


Always Bev was created in honor of my sister Beverly, who was tragically killed by her fiancé. Always Bev's commitment and passion is to help prevent other women from being targeted and becoming a victim. The AB course has been called "life changing," and has been welcomed across the country in businesses, universities and communities.

Learning to be more aware as you move about your daily routine will allow your intuition to identify warning signs and help create a safe environment for you, your family and friends. Always Bev will empower you with actions that will allow you to make quick decisions, including specific actions to apply. We provide a variety of phrases and techniques to implement if ever approached, vulnerable or physically threatened.

We make at least one decision a day that can determine our safety. This class will enlighten you to think daily about your choices and your encounters with people. For more information please contact Barb Jordan at (805) 217-1343.



Barbara Jordan has traveled the world as an elite athlete, coach, instructor, and broadcaster.  As a former collegiate All American, National Champion and gold medalist as a USA Softball Team member and coach, Barb is experienced in skilled learning and teaching.  As a victim of predatory violence, Barb channeled her experience and knowledge gained through years of athletic participation and coaching into studying and educating on the skills of vigilance for daily situational awareness as well as predicting behavior.  Barb has trained in Krav Maga and provides key fundamentals with the importance of body language and self defense techniques.  Always Bev provides the platform through which Barb is able to share her passion of educating on personal safety and keen awareness in everyday life. Her commitment to preventing violence against others with her astute teaching style while delivering the value in trusting your intuition and how to recognize warning signs, has already positively affected many lives. Barb welcomes the opportunity to share her knowledge with you.




We now offer our workshops in person and online. Our program offers the following and empowers our attendees with the knowledge gained from taking our Personal Safety Course:

  • 90 minute webinar providing life skills on personal safety.

  • The importance of trusting intuition and that funny feeling that doesn't need to de defined.

  • Identifying warning signs and the importance of not disregarding them.

  • Learn to be more aware in your daily routines in a variety of situations including social interactions.

  • Apply key strategies to stay safe in your most comfortable environments.

  • Identify isolated environments that can create vulnerability.

  • Understand conversations and key phrases that can be used to gain your trust.

  • Learn the warning signs when someone appears "too good to be true."

  • Understand the significance of confident body language.

  • Gain knowledge on predatory behavior and different tactics they may use.

  • Become empowered with key phrases and how to apply self-defense strategies if ever threatened.




Safety in Numbers

There is safety in numbers. When you have the chance, take somebody with you on an errand. If possible try and stay in groups of 3 or more.


Body Language

Your body language should be strong with a good walking pace and your head and eyes are up. Make eye contact with people who approach you.



When passing somebody make sure there is space, and that you create your own walking lane. If you pass somebody and you are concerned, its OK to look back over your shoulder.


Understand Intrusive Conversations

Understand intrusive conversations and pay attention to the personal information you are sharing with others, even if they are a familiar face.


Set Ground Rules

Set ground rules at home, work, and campus for visitors and workers that enter your residence.


Confide in Family and Friends

Confide in your family and friends about a person whose actions are concerning, especially if you keep telling yourself “It’s nothing, it will be OK.”


Stand Firm

Stand firm if your response to somebody is “No.’ Your first thought is usually the right thought. Trust your intuition.


National Domestic Violence Hotline:
1-800-799-SAFE (7233)

Human Trafficking:

Relationship Courses:



Barb Jordan has launched the podcast, Always Bev The Ripple Effect.
In Season One Barb tells the story about how her sister Beverly became a victim, by the fiancé who was "too good to be true." It includes interviews with family and friends who had intuition and saw warning signs. The following seasons include an inside look on how to stay safe with experts in Domestic Violence, Social Media, Sex Trafficking, Online Dating and more! This podcast has been used as a learning tool for many as a source of education and awareness. Subscribe for free and be notified of new episodes.

Listen to Always Bev: The Ripple Effect:

 If you are interested in having Barb as a guest on your podcast, please contact 


Always Bev is proud to announce Larry Martin as a consultant.

"Larry Martin is a perfect fit being a consultant with Always Bev as his passion and lifetime commitment has been to keep people safe," commented founder Barb Jordan.

Larry is a safety and security professional with over 30 years of police, public safety and security experience. Larry was a civilian 911 dispatcher for a northwest suburban (Illinois) police and fire department for three years. After graduating the Chicago Police Department (suburban police academy), Larry spent 27 years with a northwest suburban police department. During his career, Larry was a Field Training Officer, Evidence Technician, Hybrid Targeted Violence Task Force, Northern Illinois Police Alarm System Mobile Field Force (23 years) and was the team commander. Larry was a patrol sergeant and retired at the rank of lieutenant.

Always Bev is proud to announce the addition of Isaac Payne as a staff consultant.

Always Bev is proud to announce that Isaac Payne has been added to the staff as a consultant. It is planned for Payne to share his expertise in self defense practices and to integrate the physical technic training to the Always Bev program.

“Isaac's knowledge of situational awareness and his expertise in martial arts makes him an exceptional addition to Always Bev,” commented, founder Barb Jordan. “Although our goal is ultimately for our clients to avoid crimes of opportunity, we know that is not always possible, and it is vital in the instances of unavoidable confrontation, that people are properly prepared. Isaac will help ensure that.”

A veteran of the U.S. Air Force, Payne has spent over sixteen years in law enforcement, with a current rank as Sergeant. During this time he has gained training and experience in crisis communication and de-escalation.

Payne also is a martial artist who works with people of all skill levels to help them learn how to best defend themselves. He has spent years training in various martial arts including Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, and Krav Maga. He is a certified instructor with the United States Krav Maga Association and the Rigan Machado Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Association. Isaac holds a Bachelor of Science in Communication from Brigham Young University-Idaho.

Always Bev announces the addition of Stacy Lim as a staff consultant.

Lim, now retired, served the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) for thirty years, and ultimately specialized in officer training with the rank of Sergeant II. As a consultant, Lim will work with Always Bev owner, Barb Jordan, providing skilled and experienced expert advice on key safety tips and techniques, to be highlighted in Always Bev seminars and training classes.

“I am so proud of Stacy and what she overcame after being targeted by gang members in her early law enforcement years,” commented Barb Jordan. “Having the strength and commitment to overcome such tragedy and violence, and be able to put her energy into having such a prolific career with LAPD truly describes Stacy to her core. She has always been a woman with the highest standards of integrity and a natural ability to look out for the well being of others. Always Bev is fortunate to be able to share Stacy’s knowledge acquired from her years serving the community of Los Angeles as a decorated member of the LAPD.”

Although Lim and Jordan were teammates and NCAA National Champions at Cal State University Northridge (CSUN), it wasn’t until she attended a fundraising dinner at CSUN when Lim became aware of Jordan’s plight to honor her late sister Beverly, through teaching personal safety and vigilance. While at the dinner, Lim heard college students sharing their most impactful happenings of the academic year, one of which was attending an Always Bev seminar, led by Jordan. Lim responded with enthusiasm in learning of the safety platform.

Lim’s motto “Prepare your mind, for where the body may have to go,” fits in perfectly with Always Bev’s mission and Jordan’s passion to help others stay safe by stressing awareness in their daily routines, sharpening decision making skills, and introducing specific actions to take if ever vulnerable or physically threatened.


Always Bev proudly adds Army Ranger Dan Treader as consultant.

"Dan Treader adds another level of experience as a consultant for Always Bev. His experience in predicting behavior and tactical techniques is on an elite level" stated Founder Barb Jordan. Daniel is a safety and security professional with over 30 years of combined military, security and public safety experience. During his 10 years as a Fire Fighter III and Paramedic with the Village of Lincolnwood, Daniel led the department's training programs including auto extrication training, CPR and the Hybrid Targeted Violence Task Force. While in the U.S. Army 2nd Ranger Battalion and as a military contractor, he was deployed to Korea, Philippines, Bosnia, Africa, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Daniel earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Roosevelt University where he majored in History and minored in African Studies. He is a graduate of the U.S. Army Infantry, Airborne School and Ranger School. Daniel was recognized by the Village of Lincolnwood with a Life Saving Award in 2010 and named Firefighter of the Year in 2015. He also volunteers with Chicago's Own Young Marines and is a five-time finisher of the Bataan Memorial Death March Marathon.

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