Always Be Vigilant.

At Always Bev, we educate individuals with life skills and teach the importance of being more aware of your environment. We teach why, when and how to avoid certain situations, and what actions to take if you ever feel uncomfortable, insecure, or threatened. "Don't be fooled and never let your guard down. The scariest predators are the ones that walk among us, waiting and watching for the perfect opportunity." -Barb Jordan

Always Bev

Always Bev was created in honor of my sister, Beverly, and for my family, who continue to live with the never ending nightmare of having a predator enter into our lives, and change us forever.  

Learning to be vigilant as you move about your daily routines, can provide a safe enviornment for you and your family, coworkers, neighbors, and friends.  Always Bev will teach you applicable skills for everyday life including specific actions to apply in your home, office, car, and various other public locations. We educate you with true stories of victims, why they were targeted,  how they survived, and the hard facts of why some did not.  Additionally, you will learn a variety of techniques to implement in terms of what to do, what to say, and how to escape if you ever feel threatened.  

Every decision that you make can be the difference between staying safe or becoming a victim.  For more information please contact (805) 217-1343.  

Always Bev



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  • *Additional fees may apply.


Barbara Jordan has traveled the world as an elite athlete, coach, instructor, and broadcaster. Throughout those travels she has employed a unique keen awareness, acquired through being a victim of predatorial violence. Always Bev provides the platform through which Barb is able to share her passion of educating others on the importance of awareness and vigilance in everyday life. Her commitment to this cause has already positively affected many lives and Barb welcomes the opportunity to share her knowledge with you.

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Movement and Action

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This is the first time that Always Bev will be bringing its safety and vigilance training to Des Moine, Iowa. Learn valuable life skills that can be applied to your everyday life in school, work, travel, and public places, Learn what to do and what to say if you are ever uncomfortable or if you feel vulnerable. Learn when and why to avoid certain situations and what warning signs to identify that can help you avoid harmful actions. Movement techniques will also be reviewed to help you escape if you are ever physically threatened.

  • Category: Education
  • Duration: 02:00 Hours
  • Address: Des Moines, IA, USA (Map)