Always Be Vigilant.

At Always Bev, we educate individuals with personal safety skills and teach the importance of being more aware of your environment. We teach why, when and how to avoid certain people or situations, as well as what actions to take if you ever feel uncomfortable, insecure, or threatened.

"Don't be fooled and never let your guard down. The scariest predators are the ones that walk among us, waiting and watching for the perfect opportunity." -Barb Jordan

Always Bev

Always Bev was created in honor of my sister, Beverly, and for my family, who continue to live with the never ending nightmare of having a predator enter into our lives, and change us forever.  

Learning to be vigilant as you move about your daily routine, can help provide a safe environment for you and your family, coworkers, neighbors, and friends. Always Bev will teach you applicable personal safety and decision making skills for everyday life including specific actions to apply in your everyday routines. We provide you with true stories of victims, why they were targeted and provide insight and educate so that you can avoid becoming a target.  Additionally, you will learn a variety of techniques to implement in terms of what to do, what to say and how to escape if you ever feel vulnerable, insecure or threatened.

Every decision that you make can be the difference between staying safe or becoming a victim. For more information please contact (805) 217-1343.

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Barbara Jordan has traveled the world as an elite athlete, coach, instructor, and broadcaster.  As a former collegiate All American and accomplished USA Softball Team member and coach, Barb is experienced in skilled learning and teaching. As a victim of predatory violence, Barb channeled her experience and knowledge gained through years of athletic participation and coaching into teaching the skills of vigilance training. Always Bev provides the platform through which Barb is able to share her passion of educating others on the importance of personal safety and keen awareness in everyday life. Her commitment to this cause and her intense passion in delivering the message of personal safety, has already positively affected many lives. Barb welcomes the opportunity to share her knowledge with you.

Always Bev is proud to announce the addition of Stacy Lim as a staff consultant.
Lim, now retired, served the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) for thirty years, and ultimately specialized in officer training with the rank of Sergeant II. As a consultant, Lim will work with Always Bev owner, Barb Jordan, providing skilled and experienced expert advice on key safety tips and techniques, to be highlighted in Always Bev seminars and training classes.

“I am so proud of Stacy and what she overcame after being targeted by gang members in her early law enforcement years,” commented Barb Jordan.  “Having the strength and commitment to overcome such tragedy and violence, and be able to put her energy into having such a prolific career with LAPD truly describes Stacy to her core.  She has always been a woman with the highest standards of integrity and a natural ability to look out for the well being of others.  Always Bev is fortunate to be able to share Stacy’s knowledge acquired from her years serving the community of Los Angeles as a decorated member of the LAPD.”

Although Lim and Jordan were teammates and NCAA National Champions at Cal State University Northridge (CSUN), it wasn’t until she attended a fundraising dinner at CSUN when Lim became aware of Jordan’s plight to honor her late sister Beverly, through teaching personal safety and vigilance. While at the dinner, Lim heard college students sharing their most impactful happenings of the academic year, one of which was attending an Always Bev seminar, led by Jordan. Lim responded with enthusiasm in learning of the safety platform. 

Lim’s motto “Prepare your mind, for where the body may have to go,” fits in perfectly with Always Bev’s mission and Jordan’s passion to help others stay safe by stressing awareness in their daily routines, sharpening decision making skills, and introducing specific actions to take if ever vulnerable or physically.threatened.

Your safety is important. Call today.



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  • ESPN Drive, Southington, CT, USA

Personal safety and vigilance skills

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Providing personal safety and vigilance training for female students.

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  • 20 Spirit Way, Tallahassee, FL, USA

Personal safety and vigilance skills training

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Providing personal safety and vigilance skills for the youth leaders of Wilson County High Schools.

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Personal Safety for Wilson County Leaders

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2 hour program providing personal safety for women

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Westlake Rotary Club

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  • 10225 W. Higgins Rd. Rosemont, IL. 60018

2 hour class providing personal safety and vigilance skills which will enable attendees to become more aware of thier surroundings. They will learn why and when to avoid certain situations and become empowered with an understanding of the keys to body language, using their voice, as well as educating themselves with self defense techniques.

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