We now offer our workshops in person and online. Our program offers the following and empowers our attendees with the knowledge gained from taking our Personal Safety Course:

  • 90 minute webinar providing life skills on personal safety.

  • The importance of trusting intuition and that funny feeling that doesn't need to de defined.

  • Identifying warning signs and the importance of not disregarding them.

  • Learn to be more aware in your daily routines in a variety of situations including social interactions.

  • Apply key strategies to stay safe in your most comfortable environments.

  • Identify isolated environments that can create vulnerability.

  • Understand conversations and key phrases that can be used to gain your trust.

  • Learn the warning signs when someone appears "too good to be true."

  • Understand the significance of confident body language.

  • Gain knowledge on predatory behavior and different tactics they may use.

  • Become empowered with key phrases and how to apply self-defense strategies if ever threatened.