The Always Bev presentation is offered in person and online. The programs are customized specifically for the audience with everyday safety in mind. These courses will empower the attendees with awareness, knowledge and skills to implement at home, work, daily routines and social environments. 

  • Active Shooter TrainingThis course emphasizes the importance of having a plan in the event of an active shooter.  Active shooting survivors will share their experience as they describe the atmosphere before, during and after a shooting.  Understanding indicators to identify warning signs of potential shooters will be highlighted.  This session includes the keys to Run, Hide and Fight to help prepare your mindset with skills to put into action in a life threatening situation.  

  • Consultation - Individualized session to gain awareness, resources and skills to implement into your life, specifically within a toxic relationship or with any concerning behavior where your safety feels threatened.   This consultation can include an assessment of your home or office to ensure that your premises are safe and secure.  

  • Security Site Assessment - On site business, travel or home Risk and Security Assessment.  Includes a comprehensive report that identifies problem areas, concerns and recommended solutions to keep you, your family and community safe.  

  • Sexual Assault Prevention - 90 minute course providing statistics, awareness and specific skills for safety at home, campus and socially.  This session includes the importance of body language, safety in numbers, identifying charming behavior,  having a plan of action, how to use your voice and self defense techniques.  

  • Situational Awareness 90 minute course providing life skills on personal safety in everyday routines and  environments.  This session includes an emphasis on awareness and decision making while implementing a mindset to identify concerning behavior and environments.  Key self defense strikes are highlighted through repetition and provide key skills to defend, if ever threatened or vulnerable.