Always Bev was created in honor of my sister Beverly, who was tragically killed by her fiancé. Always Bev's commitment and passion is to help prevent other women from being targeted and becoming a victim. The AB course has been called "life changing," and has been welcomed across the country in businesses, universities and communities.

Learning to be more aware as you move about your daily routine will allow your intuition to identify warning signs and help create a safe environment for you, your family and friends. Always Bev will empower you with actions that will allow you to make quick decisions, including specific actions to apply. We provide a variety of phrases and techniques to implement if ever approached, vulnerable or physically threatened.

We make at least one decision a day that can determine our safety. This class will enlighten you to think daily about your choices and your encounters with people. For more information please contact Barb Jordan at (805) 217-1343.