Always Bev was created in honor of my sister Beverly, who was tragically killed with gun violence, by her fiancé. Always Bev's commitment and passion is to help prevent others from being targeted and assaulted.   The Always Bev Personal Safety workshop has been called "life changing," and has been welcomed across the country in universities, businesses and communities.

Having more awareness in your daily routine will allow you to identify warning signs and help keep a safer environment for you, your family and friends. Always Bev will empower you with education that will allow you to see and hear indicators that can potentially cause harm. This course will also provide you with skills that will allow you to make quick decisions, including specific actions to take if ever approached, vulnerable or physically threatened.

We make at least one decision a day that can determine our safety. This class will enlighten you to think daily about your choices as well as  your encounters and conversations with people.

"The Always Bev Personal Safety presentation is by far the most important part of my life's journey."  Barb Jordan, Founder, Always Bev.