Safety in Numbers

There is safety in numbers. When you have the chance, take somebody with you on an errand. If possible try and stay in groups of 3 or more.


Body Language

Your body language should be strong with a good walking pace with your head and eyes up. Make eye contact with people who approach you.



When passing somebody make sure there is space, and that you create your own walking lane. If you pass somebody and you are concerned, its OK to look back over your shoulder.


Understand Intrusive Conversations

Understand intrusive conversations and pay attention to the personal information you are sharing with others, even if they are a familiar face.


Set Ground Rules

Set ground rules at home, work, and campus for friends, guests and workers that enter your inner circle.


Confide in Family and Friends

Confide in your family and friends about a person in your life whose actions are concerning, especially if you keep telling yourself “It’s nothing, it will be OK.”


Stand Firm

Stand firm if your response to somebody is “No.’ Your first thought is usually the right thought. Don't be charmed or manipulated to change your decision. Trust your intuition.


Report Concerning Behavior

If you are concerned about the behavior of an individual, report it. Some examples include threatening words, intimidation, aggression, stalking, and angry outbursts.